Riello RK Hydroline 72 N Riello RK Hydroline 72 N Riello RK Hydroline 72 N

Riello RK Hydroline 72 N

Varenr: 20051798

Riello RK 72 N
Viftekonvektor innfelling i tak eller himling.

Effekt varme: 10000 W
Effekt kjøle: 7200 W
Farge: hvit
Modell: 72
Himling: 90x90cm

OBS! Husk å legg til front-deksel og styring under tilbehør.

The RK N cassette fan coil range is designed for heating and/or cooling solutions both for residential or commercial applications wherever a ceiling installation is required in order to meet specific architectural needs. Thanks to the pleasant aesthetic, the accurate design and the 4-ways adjustable air outlet, the RK N cassette fan coils are Riello’s ideal solution for any setting. For a user-friendly interface, the whole range of RK N fan coils can be matched with the wall-hung control panels of Hydrocontrol line: TermoComfortPlus and TermoComfort. - Extremely low noise level - Washable air filter - Condensate drain pump supplied as standard - Ease of installation - Excellent air distribution through 4 manual wings - Filters easy to disassemble and clean.