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Styring - Riello RK N viftekonvektor For Riello fancoil/viftekonvektor

Styring - Riello RK N viftekonvektor

For Riello fancoil/viftekonvektor

Varenr: 20081464

Command Plus T2 styring for RCM NX viftekonvektor med termostat.
For høy- og lavtemperaturanlegg

Kablet modell for veggmontering.

  • Control is used in 4-pipe systems.
  • Control have a knob to select the temperature, with a range from 10°C to 30°C, and room temperature is maintained at the selected value.
  • Use the speed selection button of the fan to select the manual or automatic operating mode of the fan.
  • In manual mode, it is possible to select three fan speeds (low/medium/high) according to the need, or the economy mode.
  • In the auto mode fan speed is regulated by a microprocessor in the control in relation to the temperature chosen.
  • During installation, it is possible to select continuous fan operation via the switch located on the electronic board (see section dipswitch configuration).
  • As an option, fan operation can be disabled during heating by means of a sensor if water temperature is below 35°C, and during cooling if water temperature is above 18°C.
  • These two functions allow improved comfort levels during winter by avoiding undesired fan operation and during summer by turning the fan coils on and off automatically in relation to the water temperature.