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Riello RS 44 MZ - gassbrenner

To-trinns 80/203-550kW

Varenr: 3789140

Riello RS44 MZ
To-trinns gassbrenner

Effekt: 80/203 - 550 kW
The RS burners series covers a fi ring range from 44 to 2290 kW, and it has been designed for use in low or medium temperature hot water boilers, hot air or steam boilers, diathermic oil boilers. Operation is “two stage progressive”; the burners are fi tted with a microprocessor-based burner safety control box which supplies indication of operation and diagnosis of fault cause. The elevated performance of the fans and combustion head, guarantee fl exibility of use and excellent working at all fi ring rates.

The exclusive design ensures reduced dimensions, simple use and maintenance. Optimisation of sound emissions is guaranteed by the special design of the air suction circuit and by incorporated sound proofi ng material. A wide range of accessories guarantees elevated working fl exibility.

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