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Oppheng ekspasjonskar (3 bar) m/manometer, sik.vent Oppheng ekspasjonskar (3 bar) m/manometer, sik.vent

Oppheng ekspasjonskar (3 bar)

m/manometer, sik.vent

Varenr: 640450
Afriso-Euro GAK (3 bar) oppheng for ekspansjonstank.

Passer for ekspansjonstanker opp til 50L (maks 460mm diameter).

Mål: 360 x 185 x 100 mm
Maks 3 bar
Maks 120 gr C.

Connection pipes to diaphragm expansion tanks in closed heating systems must be able to be shut off and properly secured against inadvertent opening according to DIN EN 12828. In addition to the expansion tank, a quick vent, pressure gauge and safety valve belong to the safety equipment of a heating system. If all these devices are close to each other, excellent. If this provides decisive service benefits to service companies, even better.

AFRISO-EURO-INDEX GAK-MS combination fitting combines the following safety components:
quick vent, safety valve, pressure gauge and cap valve with lead seal.
In addition, GAK MS comprises a connection pipe, a sturdy mounting console and a filling/drain cock - all in a single fitting. This minimises the mounting time and effort.

GAK MS features a pressure- and corrosion-resistant body with a vent base at the top made of solid cast brass. This ensures safe venting. Mounting valves are located upstream of the quick vent and the pressure gauge to enable easy replacement. If required, the pressure gauge and the safety valve can be turned by 180°C with the connection remaining tight. The integrated cap valve allows you to service the system without having to drain the system or dismount the expansion tank. Two insulation parts which are also used to package the combination fitting for safe transportation ensure proper insulation according to the norms. GAK MS is preassembled and leak-tested.