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Impel AMV 3103 3-veis shuntventil

Kv 1,6 - DN15 - Rp 1/2" - messing

Varenr: 1530010

VeXve AMV 3103
3-veis shuntventil

Dimensjon: DN15 Rp 1/2" Kv 1,6
Vexve AMV distribution and mixing valves are highly reliable and provide excellent regulating properties. The AMV mixing valves are suitable for motorisation due to their low torque requirement. The valves are made of dezincification-resistant brass. The valves are shipped as right-handed versions but can be easily converted for left-handed installation without special tools.

Vexve AMV 3 valve series – Our distribution and mixing valves control both supply and return water. Vexve AM valves are the perfect complement for the Vexve AM controllers for maximum regulation accuracy. Vexve valves are known for their reliability, which makes them the preferred choice for professionals.

Body: DZR brass
Closing element: DZR brass
Cover: Forton
Handle: POM
O-rings: EPDM
Threads: ISO 228/1

Turning angle: 90 degrees
Tightness rate: < 0,1 %, 2 bar/ 90 °C
Torque: < 3 Nm
Medium: water, glycol
Max operating pressure: 10 bar
Motorisation: standard
Suitable actuators: Belimo, Ouman, Seltron, Evenes, Automix, Vexve
Turning direction: can be changed without tools, even when pressurised
Max closing pressure: 4 bar
Maintenance: maintenance free, replaceable O-rings
Operating temperature: -10 °C - +120 °C