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    Elster BK-G4 gassmåler

    Diaphragm Gas Meter
    • Compact design
    • Low noise level
    • Tamper resistant
    • High accuracy and long term reliability
    • Synthetic, stadium shaped diaphragm
    • Mounting device to strap the meter to the facility
    • Anti-return valve which impedes gas theft
    • Nominal cyclical volume of 0.04 ft3
    • Pulse output - 1 ft3/pulse
    • Working Temperature: -40 F to 1400 F
    • Flows from 1.4 ft3/h to 200 ft3/h
    • Maximum operating pressure 5 psig
    The increase in the cost of energy and of the other utilities requires more precise and reliable measurements, with instruments of modern and compact design.
    The BK-G4 is a synthetic diaphragm meter with the latest technology and injection-molded aluminum body.
    BK-G4 meter is designed for a maximum flow of 200 cfh at 0.25 psig of flow and an operating pressure of 5 psig.
    It is available with various threads and distances between connection centers.
    Four symmetric measuring chambers, two on each side, are divided by a synthetic diaphragm. The chambers are filled and emptied as gas flows through the chambers. The alternate movement of the diaphragm is made to obtain the rotation of an eccentric axis, which control the movement of the distribution valves, for the filling and emptying of the measuring chambers.
    The movement of the eccentric axis is transmitted through a gear train to the index of the device where it indicates the volume of gas which has passed through the unit at operating conditions.
    Although the construction of the meter is very robust, it must be taken into account that it is a measuring instrument and thus, must be handled with care according to the packaging instructions.

    Varenr: 300-10125

    Leveringstid 10 dager

    Turbin gassmåler QA16

    Turbin gassmåler QA16
    Rp 1" 2,0-25 m3/h, LF & MF-puls
    LF 10p/m3, MF 500p/m3

    Varenr: 300-50016

    Leveringstid 10 dager

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