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Atmos DC30SPX kombi kjel Pellets og ved Atmos DC30SPX kombi kjel Pellets og ved

Atmos DC30SPX kombi kjel

Pellets og ved

Varenr: 0184

Atmos DC30SPX kombi ved og pellets kjel.


  • Rated power 30 kW
  • Boiler efficiency 89,9 - 91,2 %
  • Emission class nr. 5 (Ecodesign)
  • Log lenght 530 mm


Advantages of ATMOS boilers

  • possible combination of individual types of fuels – fuel change without modifications on the wood + pellet boiler
  • high efficiency for individual fuels – practically the same as for special pellet boilers (up to 92.3 % at rated output)
  • cheaper solution – if we add up the costs of acquiring two boilers, their connection and fume extraction (chimney), we find that one boiler, although more expensive, is more economically advantageous
  • small built-up area – compared to more boilers
  • one chimney and flue
  • ecological operation – boiler according to EN 303-5:2012 class 5, EKODESIGN 2015/1189
  • subsidized boiler
  • choice of door R / L (right/ left) 
  • The boiler is equipped with the function of automatic start of the pellet burner after the wood has burned out


We recommend installing  the boiler with Laddomat 22 or a thermo regulating valve with equalizing vessel 500 – 1000 litres. We also recommend installing the boiler with accumulating tanks of appropriate volume (e.g. 2000 litres), which allow utilising electricity for heat accumulation or connecting solar panels. If necessary, the boiler can be connected into a system without accumulating tanks. This comes into account if you use fuel oil.

Viking! tank med mateskrue og pelletsbrenner er tilbehør til kjelen.