DCP-GE 65-2280/A/BAQE/3 T MCE30/C Dobbel In-Line tørrløper

DCP-GE 65-2280/A/BAQE/3 T MCE30/C

Dobbel In-Line tørrløper

Varenr: 60192044

DCP-GE 65-2280/A/BAQE/3 T MCE30/C

Dobbel tørrløperpumpe med flens

In-line port circulation pumps, suitable for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and sanitary water systems. Particularly versatile thanks to the use of the MCE/C inverter, offering performance features capable of automatically adapting to the different needs of the system, keeping a consistent differential pressure.

PN 16 flanged suction and delivery ports with threaded holes for control manometers. Cast iron pump body and motor support, cast iron or technopolymer impeller depending on mode (bronze impeller available on request for DN 65 to DN 150 models only). Stainless steel motor shaft. Seal device: standardised mechanical seal according to DIN 24960 in carbon/silicon carbide with EPDM OR rings.

MCE/C inverters are the latest technological achievement of the DAB inverter range. They represent a new generation of inverters for use with circulation pumps, and set themselves apart due to ease of use, power, simplicity of installation and management. MCE/C inverters have been designed for managing circulation pumps. By allowing a simple adjustment of the differential pressure, they give the possibility of adjusting the performance of the circulation pump to the actual system requirements. They are fitted on the fan cover of the motor. This makes the installation of the pump with MCE/C particularly easy and quick. The protection class of the MCE/C is IP55. The easy of programming is guaranteed by the use of a simple and intuitive interface, similar to Dialogue electronic circulators, and a graphic display. MCE/C inverters have a double micro-processor construction that guarantees maximum efficiency and reliability.

A reliable and sturdy construction, together with a modern and innovative design, complete the product, also in terms of aesthetic value. MCE/C inverters protect the motor and the pump, and increase their life, by eliminating hammering effects and making the pump rotate at the minimum number of rotations capable of meeting the requirements of the user. In addition, electric pumps controlled by the MCE/C inverter are environmentally friendly. In fact, by ensuring that the pump only uses the power that is strictly necessary for meeting the needs of the users, electricity consumption is strongly reduced when compared with fixed speed pumps. It is possible to create twin units by using the appropriate cable for the connection of MCE/C inverters.