MotorMake.Main category3~ motorMotor design3 PH DM STDFrequency, poles50 Hz - 2 polesMotorIE3 MCE55/C T 4/2p 112 (4 kW)Degree of protectionIP 55Type of protection--Electrical connection400 VType of installationNameIn-line pumpMaterial combinationMaterial combinationCME 65-80-100-125-150Pump bodyCast iron 250 UNI ISO 185SupportCast iron 250 UNI ISO 185ImpellerCast iron 250 UNI ISO 185Shaft with rotorAISI 304 X5 Cr Ni 1810 UNI 6900/71Mechanical sealSEE "SHAFT SEAL" SECTIONO-RingEPDM RubberShaft sealType of sealMechanical sealMakeDABShaft sealsSeal materialsMaterial combinationBAQETypeRubberStationary partSilicon carbideRotating partCarbonElastomerEPDMPipe connectionsInlet/OutletDN 100Flange standardPN/DNPressure ratingPN 16Nominal pipe sizeDN 100


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DAB CP-GE 100-1600/A/BAQE/4 T MCE55/C 400V DAB CP-GE 100-1600/A/BAQE/4 T MCE55/C 400V DAB CP-GE 100-1600/A/BAQE/4 T MCE55/C 400V DAB CP-GE 100-1600/A/BAQE/4 T MCE55/C 400V

DAB CP-GE 100-1600/A/BAQE/4 T MCE55/C


Varenr: 60192036

CP-GE 100-1600/A/BAQE/4 T MCE55/C IE3



Circulation pumps with in-line ports, designed for heating and air conditioning, refrigeration and domestic hot water systems. Particularly versatile thanks to the use of the inverter MCE/C, it offers performance features that automatically adapt to the various system requirements whilst keeping differential pressures constant. Available in single and twin version.

Construction features of the pump

Flanged PN 16 suction and delivery ports, fitted with threaded holes for test pressure gauge attachment. Pump body and motor support unit in cast iron, impellers in either technopolymer or cast iron depending on model, and in bronze, on request, from models DN 65 to DN 150 only. Motor shaft in stainless steel. Seal: standardised mechanical seal made to DIN 24960 in SEE  "SHAFT SEAL" SECTION with O-rings in EPDM.

Construction features of the motor

Motor 2 poles, asynchronous with external ventilation. Rotor mounted on oversized ball bearings to ensure silent running and long life.
Built to CEI 2-3 standards
Protected to: IP 55
Insulation class: F
Standard single-phase voltage: 1x220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Standard three-phase voltage: 3x400 V / 50 Hz
Special version on request: 3x460 v / 60 Hz

Construction features of electronic part: inverter MCE/C

The new MCE/C inverters are the latest technological challenge in the DAB inverters.
They constitute the new generation of inverters for use with circulator pumps and stand out for ease of use, power, and simplicity of installation and management. MCE /C inverters are designed for use with circulator pumps to enable simple control of differential pressure, thereby adapting pump performance to match effective system requirements. The solution of mounting on the motor base greatly simplifies installation of the pump with MCE/C in minimal times. The inverters feature IP55 protection rating. Ease of programming is guaranteed by the use of an interface similar to DAB Dialogue and a graphic display. MCE/C inverters feature dual microprocessor architecture to guarantee maximum efficiency and reliability.
Sturdy and reliable construction is combined with modern and innovative styling to complete the product also in terms of aesthetics. MCE/C inverters protect the pump thanks to integrated safety devices. They are also able to prolong the useful lifetime of the pump thanks to the elimination of water hammer and rotation of the pump at the minimum rpm necessary to meet the requirements of the user. Last but not least, these inverters save power by keeping pump consumption to the minimum levels strictly necessary to meet user requirements. Equipped with communication module for the creation of twin pumpsets.


- Operating range: from 1,2 to 230 m3/h with a head of up to 56 metres.

- Liquid quality requirements: clean, free from solids or abrasive substances, non viscous, non aggressive, non crystallized, chemically neutral, close to the characteristics of water.

- Liquid temperature range: -15°C ÷ +120°C for DN 40 - 50
-10°C ÷ +140°C for DN 65 - 150

- Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C

- Maximum operating pressure: PN 10 for DN 40 - 50
PN 16 the rest of the range

- Flanging: PN 16

- Counterflanging on request: DN 40 - DN 50 - DN 65 - DN 80 - DN 100 - DN 125 - DN 150; PN 16.

Installation: horizontal or vertical provided the motor is always above the pump.


Hydraulic selection
Main category3~ motor
Motor design3 PH DM STD
Frequency, poles50 Hz - 2 poles
MotorIE3 MCE55/C T 4/2p 112 (4 kW)
Degree of protectionIP 55
Type of protection--
Electrical connection400 V
Type of installation
NameIn-line pump
Material combination
Material combinationCME 65-80-100-125-150
Pump bodyCast iron 250 UNI ISO 185
SupportCast iron 250 UNI ISO 185
ImpellerCast iron 250 UNI ISO 185
Shaft with rotorAISI 304 X5 Cr Ni 1810 UNI 6900/71
O-RingEPDM Rubber
Shaft seal
Type of sealMechanical seal
Shaft seals
Seal materials
Material combinationBAQE
Stationary partSilicon carbide
Rotating partCarbon
Pipe connections
Inlet/OutletDN 100
Flange standardPN/DN
Pressure ratingPN 16
Nominal pipe sizeDN 100