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DAB DKLPE 65-1200

Varenr: 60141906

DAB DKLPE 65-1200

Dobblet flense pumpe med inverter MCE/C

Circulator for hot or cold water with in-line ports, suitable for installation directly on the pipes in civil and industrial heating air conditioning, refrigeration, and domestic water systems.
Extremely versatile thanks to the use of the MCE/C inverter, the circulator performance is such as to allow automatic adaptation to meet the various requirements of the system,
while keeping pressure differentials unchanged. Pump body and motor support in cast iron. PN 10 Flanged inlet and delivery mouths, fitted with threaded holes for pressure gauges. To
facilitate interchangeability in existing installations, the pump is designed to accept PN 6 counterflanges. Impeller in technopolymer. Carbon/ceramic mechanical seal. The
pumps are available both in the single version (KLME-KLPE) and in the twin version (DKLME-DKLPE). An automatic clapet type valve is incorporated into the delivery mouth of the twin
version in order to prevent water from recirculating while the unit is not working. In addition, a set of blank flanges is supplied for use when maintenance of one of the two
motors is necessary. The twin version makes it possible to alternate operation of the pumps when the back-up unit is requested, or simultaneous operation of the two pumps.
Four-pole totally enclosed asynchronous motor with fan-over cooling for versions KLME and DKLME and two pole motor for versions KLPE and DKLPE. Rotor mounted on oversized
greased sealed-for-life ball bearings to ensure silent running and long life. Integral thermal and current overload protection.
Constructed following the CEI 2-3 standards.

Flens (mm)
DNA 65
DNM 65

P2 Nominel 1,10 kW
P2 Nominel 1,50 HP
In 11A
Vekt 99 kg

Liquid temperature range: From -15 °C to +120°C.
Liquid quality requirements: clean, free from solid
or abrasive substances, not viscous, not aggressive, not
crystallised and chemically neutral, characteristics similar
to water - maximum glycol percentage 30 % (for different
glycol percentages, please contact the Technical Assistance
Installation: normally horizontal or vertical provided the
motor is always above the pump.
Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C
Maximum working pressure:10 bar (1000 kPa)
Protection rating: IP 55
Insulation class: F