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Riello Gulliver BS3D - gassbrenner

To-trinns gassbrenner 65/80 - 200 kW

Varenr: 3761750

Riello Gulliver BS3D
To-trinns gassbrenner

Effekt: 65/80 - 200 kW
The Riello Gulliver BSD series of two stage gas burners, is a complete range of Low NOx emission products, developed to
respond to any request for home heating, conforming to the most severe standards regarding the reduction of polluting emissions. This series of burners is available in four different models with an output ranging from 16 to 250 kW, divided in four different structures.

All the models use the same components designed by Riello for the Gulliver series. The high quality level guarantees safe working. The burners are fi tted with a microprocessor-based burner safety control box which supplies indication of operation and diagnosis of fault cause.

In developing these burners, special attention was paid to reducing noise, the ease of installation and adjustment, to obtaining the smallest size possible to fi t into any sort of boiler available on the market.

Two stage working guarantees high level performance from the thermal unit. All the models are approved by the EN 676 European Standard and conform to European Directives, Gas Appliance, EMC, Low Voltage, Boiler Effi ciency. All the Gulliver BSD burners are tested before leaving the factory.