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DAB Genix VT 010 løftestasjon for bide


Varenr: 60185582


Its use is needful whenever the wastewater coming from the WC, the shower, the washbasin or the bidet cannot be expelled by gravity. These lifting stations can be installed wherever there is the wish to add a toilet during new installations or constructions, renovations, or structural modifications. GENIX 110 has the facility to connect one high drain utility, like a washbasin; GENIX 130 has the facility to connect up to three utilities, even with low drain as a shower, bidet or bathtub.. Our models offer silent operation and reliable performance, thanks to a powerful motor which allows to work with temperatures up to 90 deg C. Extremely easy the maintenance in case of clog or motor blocking, with the possibility to dismount the motor subassembly only operating on two screws, and with the unique discharge tap that will allow a clean, and free of problems, maintenance. The nonreturn valves are integrated in the delivery pipe, and for the 130 models in the lateral bottom inlets. Available, as accessories, an acoustic alarm antiflooding and an adaptor pipe, to adapt the GENIX to a vast majority of existing installations.


  • 30% barium-loaded polypropylene tank.
  • 30% fibre-glass PPO impeller.
  • Stainless steel drive shaft.


  • Induction type, stainless steel. Stainless steel shaft and cover.
  • Thermal cut-out protection.
  • Wear-resistant motor shaft.