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    Satronic UP940

    Burner testing device UP940
    The indispensable aid for the oil burner fitter. Complete burners, as well as individual components, can be tested in a most simple manner. The flame signal can be checked at a glance by means of a LED luminous band. Photo current values for the individual automatic oil burner controls can be forgotten.
    With the help of the burner testing device UP 940, oil burners can be commissioned, tested and adjusted without any problems. The burner testing device UP 940 is hereby plugged onto the control device base in place of any Satronic automatic burner control of the TF 700, 800 and MMD range. Despite the possibility of controlling the burner
    manually, the built-in flame monitoring ensures complete safety against operating mistakes.

    • A built-in flame monitoring system protects against wrong manipulations and dangerous operating conditions.
    • Flame signal indication by means of a 8-stage LED luminous band.
    • 5 test switches for the individual burner components.
    • Changeover switches for various types of flame detectors.
    • Changeover switch with - or without oil pre-heating.
    • Interchangeable fine protection fuse.
    • Signal lamps for control thermostat and pre-heater release.
    The UP 940 is not a safety control box! It may only be used by experienced personnel under continuous supervision!

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