MakeDABMain categoryMotor design1 PH DM STDFrequency, poles50 Hz - 4 polesMotorKLM 50-300 - 0.11 4p M (0,11 kW)Degree of protectionIP 55Type of protection--Electrical connection220-240 VType of installationNameIn-line pumpMaterial combinationMaterial combinationKLP-KLM-DKLP-DKLM my23Pump bodyCast iron 250 UNI ISO 185SupportCast iron 250 UNI ISO 185ImpellerTechnoplymer BShaft with rotorStainless Steel AISI 316Mechanical sealSilicon carbide/Silicon carbideO-RingEPDM RubberPipe connectionsInlet/OutletDN 50Flange standardPN/DNPressure rating10 bar (1000 KPa)Nominal pipe sizeDN 50Frequency controllerMakeDABSeriesVariatoreNameFrequenza 30 Hz - 50 Hz


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DAB DKLM 50-300/BQQE 1x230 50 In line twin pumps Dklm-Dklp DAB DKLM 50-300/BQQE 1x230 50 In line twin pumps Dklm-Dklp DAB DKLM 50-300/BQQE 1x230 50 In line twin pumps Dklm-Dklp DAB DKLM 50-300/BQQE 1x230 50 In line twin pumps Dklm-Dklp

DAB DKLM 50-300/BQQE 1x230 50

In line twin pumps Dklm-Dklp

Varenr: 60214797

DKLM 50-300/BQQE M

Flow rate (range): From 2 m3/h to 84 m3/h
Head: 23,4 m
Type of pumped liquid: Clean, free from solid or abrasive substances, non-viscous, non-aggressive, non-crystallized and chemically neutral
Glycol percentage (maximum): 50%
Liquid temperature (range): From -15°C to +120°C
Maximum room temperature: +40°C
Operation pressure (maximum): 10 bar / 1000 kPa
Flanging or threading: Flange DN 40, 50, 65, 80 with PN 6, 10, 16
Motor efficiency class: Single phase: >=120 W IE2
Three phase:
<0,75 kW IE2
>=0,75 kW IE2 up to 75 kW IE3
Motor protection class: IP 55
Motor insulation class: F
Impeller material: Technopolymer
Single phase power input: 230 V 50 Hz
Three phase power input: 3x230 V 50 Hz / 3x400 V 50 Hz
Revolution per minute:
1450 rpm for KLM
2920 rpm for KLP
Type of installation: fixed in horizontal or vertical position with motor up
Certification: ACS

In-line pumps designed for conditioning, heating, water recirculation in the presence of solar thermal panels (solar collectors) and for the circulation of drinkable hot water in residential building service and commercial building service.
Twin version available (the version with D letter).
All the pumps are ACS certified.

Flanged suction and delivery ports (PN 10) with threaded holes for control pressure gauges.
Compatible with PN 16 counter-flanges for replacing pumps in existing systems.
Pump body and motor support in cast iron.
The twin versions are equipped with a swing valve incorporated in the delivery port to avoid the recirculation of water in the not working unit.
The pumps are equipped with a blind flange in the event if the maintenance of one of the two motors is required.
Technopolymer impeller, silicon carbide/silicon carbide seal.

Two-pole air-cooled asynchronous motor for KLP versions, four-pole for KLM. Motor shaft in AISI 316 stainless steel mounted on ball bearings.
Single-phase version with capacitor and built-in thermo-amperometric protection.
The user is responsible for the protection of the three-phase version.


Main category
Motor design1 PH DM STD
Frequency, poles50 Hz - 4 poles
MotorKLM 50-300 - 0.11 4p M (0,11 kW)
Degree of protectionIP 55
Type of protection--
Electrical connection220-240 V
Type of installation
NameIn-line pump
Material combination
Material combinationKLP-KLM-DKLP-DKLM my23
Pump bodyCast iron 250 UNI ISO 185
SupportCast iron 250 UNI ISO 185
ImpellerTechnoplymer B
Shaft with rotorStainless Steel AISI 316
Mechanical sealSilicon carbide/Silicon carbide
O-RingEPDM Rubber
Pipe connections
Inlet/OutletDN 50
Flange standardPN/DN
Pressure rating10 bar (1000 KPa)
Nominal pipe sizeDN 50
Frequency controller
NameFrequenza 30 Hz - 50 Hz