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DAB Genix 130 løftestasjon for avløp

Varenr: 60161880

En kompakt løftestasjon for tømming av alle typer sanitærinstallsjoner i bolighus.

Its use is necessary when toilet, shower, sink, or bidet waste water cannot be expelled due to gravity. These lifting stations can be used anywhere for the addition of a toilet, for new installations, refurbishments, or structural modifications. With the 110 model, in addition to a toilet, a further user can also be connected, like the sink. With the 130 model, in addition to the toilet, three further users can be connected, like the sink, the shower, and the bidet. A characteristic of the proposed models is their silent operation, further improved in the Comfort versions. The powerful and reliable pump, and the nickel
plated stainless steel grinder, make the product durable, with practically no regular maintenance required. Extremely easy to repair in case of blocking, with the possibility of removing the motor assembly by simply removing two screws. The discharge tap ensures clean and problem-free maintenance. The check valves are built in the delivery connections, and in the side connections for 130 models. Available as extra accessories are an acoustic flooding prevention alarm, and an extension pipe, for adapting GENIX to pre-existing installations.

30 % barium loaded polypropylene tank. For the sound proofed version, 70 % barium loaded polypropylene sound proofer. 30 % fibre glass PPO impeller.
Stainless steel motor shaft.
Nickel plated stainless steel grinder.

Asynchronous, made of stainless steel. Stainless steel shaft and cover.
Thermal overheating protection.
Wear-resistant motor shaft.