With motor fitted vertically only, for P2 > 7,5 kW.

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CP-G 65-1900/A/BAQE/2,2 - IE3

CP-G 65-1900/A/BAQE/2,2 - IE3

Varenr: 1D4111G6U

 CP-G 65-1900/A/BAQE/2,2 IE3


Circulating pumps with IN-LINE connections, suitable for civil and industrial installations for heating, conditioning, refrigeration and hot water for plumbing. Available in single and twin version.

Constructions features
Flanged suction and delivery connections in PN 16 with threaded holes for control pressure gauges.
Cast iron pump casing and motor support, cast iron and technopolymer impeller.
Stainless steel motor shaft, and SEE  "SHAFT SEAL" SECTION mechanical seal.
Asynchronous threephase motor, 2 poles, closed and cooled with external ventilation.

Protection: IP 55
Insulation class: F

- Operating range: from 3,6 to 420 m3/h with head up to 102 metres

- Liquid quality requirements: clean, free from solids or abrasive substances, non viscous,
non aggressive, non crystallized, chemically neutral, close to the characteristics of water.

- Liquid temperature range:
-10°C ÷ +130°C for DN 40 - 50
-10°C ÷ +140°C the rest of the range

- Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C

- Maximum working pressure:
PN 10 for DN 40 - 50
PN 16 the rest of the range

- Flanging: PN 16

- Special versions on request: different voltages and/or frequencies.

- Installation: with motor fitted horizontally or vertically as long as it's always above the pump.
With motor fitted vertically only, for P2 > 7,5 kW.