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Danfoss termostat type ITD 100

Immersion Dual Thermostat

Varenummer: 099-1061

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Danfoss ITD 100
  • Used for control and limitation of water temperature
  • Secure immersion sensing
  • Other temperature ranges and pocket lengths available on demand
The ITD 100 is an immersion thermostat which incorporates a seperate limit and control function.
The control function set point can be varied between 0°C and 90°C. The limit function, which requires manual re-setting after activation, is factory pre-set to 80°C or 90°C, dependent on code number when ordered.
The thermostat is supplied with a ½»BSP/100mm pocket.
Teknisk info:
Description: Dual control and limit function
Temperature Range (Control): 0-90°C °C
Temp. Range (Limit): 30-90°C °C
Limit Temp. Factory Set: 90°C °C
Pocket Dimensions: 100 mm
Dimensions (Thermostat Head): 100 mm
Switching Differential: 4 ± 1°C °C
Switch Configuration (Control): SPDT
Switch Configuration (Limit): SPST
Switch Voltage Rating: 220-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Switch Current Rating: 10 (2.5) A
Max. Ambient Temp.: 80°C °C
Max. Temperature: 150°C °C

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